What are Things to do?Edit

Unlike Let's Plays, Things to do are things that you can do in Minecraft but the amount of time it will take will not be long enough. They are spread all over the city and some of them are types of board games. Majority of them come from the ideas from Achievement Hunter world. They are all listed below:

Name Description Location Type of Thing
Rock, Paper, Scissors Two player game. A typical game of rock, paper, scissors but with stone, paper and shears. The loser falls to their death. Luck Game
Hot Foot One to Eight player game. A sand platform with wood beneath, the wood gets set on fire and the sand falls. Last man standing wins Next to Above Luck Game
Chicken Archery Two player game. One person throws eggs of a wall while another person has to shoot the with a bow before they hit the ground Target Game
Chicken Bucket Two player game. Dispencers shoot eggs at a wall in 3's, the person hits them with snowballs, the most chickens in your bucket wins. Target Game
War Lords Four player game. Get into your little hole and shoot eachother with arrows. You have to shoot up at an angle as you cannot see them Next to Above Target Game
Monopoly Two to Four player game. Typical game of Monopoly, instead the structures of Freelancer City being the places. Use your money to bankrupt the other players. Board Game
Connect Four Two player game. Typical game of Connect four, but using sand and gravel. Simple as that. Just outside of the City Board Game
Noughts and Crosses Two player game. Typicla game of Noughts and Crosses, using yellow crosses and purple naughts. Just outside of the City Board Game