The Midnight is the name of the main ship and base of operation for the Freelancers, created in Halo 4's 'Forge Island' and 'Impact'. The ship has gone through 4 separate types, Beta version, 1.0 version, 1.1 version & 2.0 version, making the ship bigger and giving it more weapons.

Version HistoryEdit

  • ===Type: Beta===
  • Size: Medium
  • Weapon(s): Gauss Cannon (300% Strength), Scorpion Tank (300% Strength) and Defence Turrets (6)
  • Interior: 2 Banshees, Barracks, Leader Rooms, a few weapons and armour abilities.
  • Exterior: Engines (2), Windows

  • ===Type: 1.0===
  • Size: Large
  • Weapons(s): Gauss Cannon (300% Strength), Scorpion Tank (300% Strength) and Defence Turrets (6)
  • Interior: Briefing Room, Barracks, Weapon Lockers, Armour Ability Locker, Medical Room, Bridge, 4 Banshees, 4 Emergency Jetpacks & a Warp Drive
  • Exterior: Engines (3), Windows

  • ===Type: 1.1===
  • Size: Large
  • Weapon(s): None
  • Interior: 4 Mantises
  • Exterior: Damaged Engines, Windows

  • ===Type:2.0===
  • Size: Medium
  • Weapons(s): Gauss Cannon, Rocket Pods (4), Machine Guns (4)
  • Interior: Bridge, Weapon Lockers, Health Kits & 3 Falcons
  • Exterior: 3 Shield walls, 2 One-Way Shields & Engines (8)


As the Midnight is a star ship, the ship requires a crew of people to do each job. They are in the Table below:

Name of Job Description of the Job Freelancer
Captain Incharge of the ship and gives the orders Washington
1st Officer Second in command, becomes Acting Captain if captain is gone California
Helmsman Controls the Speed and Altitude of the Midnight Iowa
Chief Engineer Controls the ships core and ensures any action will not damage/destroy the core New Hampshire
Navigator Controls the Velocity, Position and Direction of the Midnight Colorado
Communications Officer Communicated with the crew, intercepts messages and reports to the Captain if anything happens Indiana
Chief Medical Officer Incharge of Medical and is keeper of the cures and medical materials Nevada

Other Structures NearbyEdit

  • Structure: Research Centre
  • Map: Impact
  • Purpose: Research and Excavate a Forerunner Crystal keeping the Midnight from moving.

  • Structure: Alpha Base
  • Map: Forge Island
  • Purpose: Land base for the Midnight after the engines were sabotaged. Can request Mantises from the Midnight for assistance.