What is the Meta?Edit

The Meta is the name of a rogue Freelancer who has goals against the Freelancers, such as killing members and stealing A.I.s and Equipment. Meta is short for Metastability, the fourth stage of A.I. awareness, being the final stage of an A.I.s Rampancy. The state of Metastability is when an A.I. becomes theoretically human.

Description of the MetaEdit

The Meta's physical apperance is unknown, as there has not been a Meta in this Project Freelancer. Someone who became a sort of Meta was Agent Maine, who swore to kill all the Freelancers, but he gave up. 


Gamma, Delta, Epsilon,Theta, Iota, Xi, Sigma & Omega

The Meta consists of 8 different A.I.s used to form Metastability, which was created by the origional Sigma. The A.I.s are:
  • Gamma - Decite - Wyoming
  • Delta - Logic - California
  • Epsilon - Memory - Washington
  • Theta - Trust - N/A
  • Iota - Envy - Maine
  • Xi - Ambition - N/A
  • Sigma - Creativity - N/A
  • Omega - Loyalty - New Hampshire