Agent IowaEdit

Agent Iowa is 3rd in command of Project Freelancer. He wears MJOLNIR Mark VI usually with steel and gold colours. He is good friends with agents Washington, California and New Hampshire.Edit

Description of HimEditEdit

“A loyal agent, Agent Iowa is a great friend with Agent California and will obey orders without question. His AI , Zeta, is a great AI match for him, as he is kind and friendly to agent and simulation troopers. He fights well in a fight and decides to kill first and ask questions later.”

Information (Halo)EditEdit

  • Agent Name: Iowa
  • Real Name: Scott Smart
  • Rank: 3rd
  • AI: Zeta
  • Primary Weapon:
  • Secondary Weapon:
  • Sidearm:
  • Main Armour Ability:
  • Prefered Vehicle:

Information (Minecraft)EditEdit

  • Skin:
  • Favorite Item/Block:
  • Favorite Tool:
  • Main Server:
  • Most Famous Creation: