Agent CaliforniaEdit

Agent California is 2nd in command of Project Freelancer. He wears MJOLNIR Mark VI and Scout usually with steel and Orchid colours. He is good friends with agents Washington, Iowa, Alaska and New Hampshire and not the best friendship with agent Utah.Edit

Description of HimEdit

“Agent California is probably the most talented sniper with his sniper rifle. As second in command, he is the most trusted by Agent Washington and is commanding over all freelancers bar Agent Washington. Overall, he is the most logic due to his AI, Delta. He is undoubtedly Washington’s best friend.”

Information (Halo)Edit

  • Agent Name: California
  • Real Name: Ewan James
  • Rank: 2nd
  • AI: Delta
  • Primary Weapon: Sniper Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: Battle Rifle (DMR in Halo: Reach)
  • Sidearm: Magnum
  • Main Armour Ability: Active Cameo
  • Prefered Vehicle: Warthog (Chain Gun)

Information (Minecraft)Edit

  • Skin: Enderman in Suit
  • Favorite Item/Block: Obsidian
  • Favorite Tool/Weapon: Bow & Arrow
  • Main Server: The Iceland
  • Most Famous Creation: Helped make the walls