Tour of Achievement City - 2013

Tour of Achievement City - 2013


Let's Play Minecraft

The Achievement Hunter Skins (Clockwise: Jack, Geoff, Michael, Gavin, Ray)

Achievement Hunter is an internet company that does as their name says, get Achievements. Near the begining of the release of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, they created Achievement City, the main world they use to this date. Majority of the stuff they do are kept in this world, besides stuff released in new updates (Mushroom Biome, NPC Village, Stronghold ect.) The main Achievement Hunters are Geoff Ramsey, Jack Patillo, Ray Narvaez Jr, Michael Jones, Gavin Free and Ryan Haywood. 

Achievement City and Freelancer CityEdit

The Freelancer world, Freelancer City , is the main world for the Freelancer clan and is based on Achievement City. Many of the structures in Freelancer City originated from Achievement City, such as many Let's Plays and Things to do.

Tower of Pimps scoringEdit

The Tower of Pimps is a Trophy that the Achievement Hunters use and created again for the Freelancers. To see their scoring, click here .